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Letter of recommendation for MIRACULOUS INSECTICIDE CHALK.

I am writing this because this stuff is truly miraculous.  I have a severe ant problem like most people in this country.  I have tried every ant poison, exterminator, spray you name it and they just keep coming back.  Some products I believe are like hormones for ants, they just come back bigger and more.  Rory told me of this chalk and I got a box and went to work straight away with the trial run.  I have to throw out my dog food twice a day as the ants think its all for them.  The outside dust bin, that gets rain on it, is under constant attack from the entire military force of ants in my courtyard.  I simply took a peace of this chalk, drew a square around my dog bowls and a square around the dust bin.  The next morning there were no ants to be seen.  Being skeptical of this stuff, as I’ve tried so many products, I gave it another day to proof itself.  That was 3 weeks ago.  I can no longer see where I drew the lines but still not one ant.  I don’t know where they are gone, but they are not here.  Our dishes from evening dinner are no longer covered with ants in the morning. This product really is miraculous.

I have recommended it to all my friends and family and the same results are found.  I encourage you to take just one box and try it.  I am including my name and cell number to show that this is not just another marketing scheme.   Go for it, and may God always shine down on you and show you His favor.

Rex Hunt
082 555 4492

Vibrant Products

Miraculous Insecticide Chalk

Dear Willie de Swardt

We, my fiancé and I, had a festive amount of cockroaches in our home earlier this year; until we found that a simple piece of chalk that is completely safe to all environments literally made all unwanted insects and cockroaches disappear.
We couldn’t believe it, when after drawing simple lines under kitchen tops to inside cupboards, after 48 hours there was not one insect to be seen.  We are grateful that there is something simple yet effective is out in the market, after using numerous expensive products we will only keep one product in our home…. Vibrant Products Miraculous Insecticide Chalk.

This product is something we will advise all friends and family to use.  I can only Thank You for sorting out my annoying problem.

Kind Regards.
Ryan Harper

PO Box 292
24 March 2007

Vibrant Products
PO Box 15167



Having tested the above product on several occasions and on three types of ants in both the house and garden, it is with great pleasure that I wish to thank you for putting the above product on the market.
The prolonged drought on the Highveld has brought many problems including the invasions of ants of all kinds, even in my fridge.  Thanks to the Insecticide Chalk within in a short hour the ants have disappeared.  I don’t know where they go, there are no traces left behind.

Again many thanks for this product, its economy and being environmental friendly.

Yours faithfully,



Dear Sir,
I wish to tell you about this remarkable incident.

I use your companies MIC at home and always take some with me when I go hunting.  You never know when you might need it.
In August we went hunting in the Messina area.  I wanted to show my friend how effective this chalk is.

I found a few small brown ants around the stem of the corner pole of the stoep.  I drew a circle at the base and a circle on the pole approximately 1 m above the ground.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WERE ONLY A FEW SMALL BROWN ANTS VISIBLE.

The next moment HUGE! brown ants started appearing from this pole, scattering around visibly confused.  They streamed down the pole and started dying!  There were so many on the stoep, my wife refused to come out of the house.  I drew another circle on the stoep (unnecessarily).  Within 15 minutes everything was over and we started cleaning up. This was truly unbelievable, as no big ants were visible, with no indication that there were any in the pole!
Vibrant Products Miraculous Insecticide Chalk is truly MIRACULOUS!

It is a brilliant repellant, I saw it for myself.  I took some footage with my cellphone, but was too late to capture all the action.
Thank you for a GREAT product.  I will tell all my friends!

Best of luck.
Yours sincerely,

Look at the dead ants!!

Vibrant Products

Dear Sir,

We live in Wonderboom Pretoria.  We had a severe infestation of cockroaches.  After paying R4000 to a certain pest control company, the cockroaches returned within 2 months.

A friend told us about Vibrant Products Miraculous Insecticide Chalk.  We bought a packet for R25-00 and used it.  Within 48 hours our problem has disappeared. There are still no cockroaches and it is 8 months later.  I now use it for any crawling insect in my home and will not use anything else again.

Thank you so much for a brilliant product.


The Manager,

I used your Miraculous Insecticide Chalk and was so impressed with it, I bought a packet for all my friends.
It is great!


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